Statement of Practise

Personal and shared experiences are key elements to my work. I paint to ‘record’ my existence as well as my experience of life. I’m fascinated by the ‘’unnoticed’’ glimpses and the ordinary shapes from everyday life, which in conjunction with my personal- autobiographical experience become ‘a living picturesque diary.’

Painting’s narrative is formed through a re-arrangement, a re-orchestration of all the external/ found and ‘within’ elements that are placed together. Despite the highly colourful manner in which the subject matter is presented, a subtle darkness, that encapsulates the tension and ambiguity of the moment is present.

Leaving ‘an insignificant window’ to the viewer’s mind to take a second chance for puzzling back the intimidating unknown; I attempt for an ‘open conversation’ with the viewer, in presenting part of the story, which is to be discovered and continued by the viewer.  

Melpomeni Irakleous